Track your workout with Technogym App

Why You Should Join & Download the TECHNOGYM APP

When you join on a Move Well Membership, you will have access to the Technogym App, which we use as your Personal Trainer in your pocket!

  • Achieve superior results faster: Maximize your training experience anytime and anywhere—at home, in our gym, or outdoors.
  • Seamlessly integrate fitness apps: Connect with Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Health, and more.
  • Monitor your heart rate: Compatible with heart rate monitors such as Polar and Garmin.
  • Track your daily workouts: Keep an eye on calories burned, distance run, and other metrics.
  • Log outdoor activities: Track activities within the app or through connected third-party apps.
  • Join global challenges: Compete and improve your ranking in real time.
  • Automatic equipment tracking: Scan QR codes on Technogym cardio and strength equipment to log workouts effortlessly.
  • Review your progress: Record and analyze your workouts to achieve your goals more efficiently.
  • Follow expert routines: Access guided routines for safe and effective exercise.

Mywellness assessment: TANITA

The TANITA provides a highly accurate, segmental body composition reading in just 20 seconds.

This will be in the gym for any move member to access.

Watch a short video below on how to use and access TANITA at move Urmston.