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Membership T’s & C’s

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move Urmston Pre-Opening Membership Terms and Conditions

  1. Introduction

Your agreement is with us, Trafford Leisure Community Interest Company to be a member of move Urmston. These terms and conditions form part of your agreement with us. Your agreement with us is based on: your choices from your online purchase, these terms and conditions, and the rules and regulations of move Urmston that will ensure you can carry your activities out safely. This additional information for you to enjoy your membership fully can be found on our website , these documents together form a legal agreement between us, so please make sure that you read them carefully and understand them. As the lead member you are accepting these terms on behalf of all that fall under the membership you have taken. If you have any queries, please ask a member of staff at the centre. If you choose a monthly membership, monthly means every calendar month. There are a number of Direct Debit collection dates available for you to select 1st, 8th, 15th and 25th of the month. When we refer to a month in these terms and conditions, we mean a full calendar month from your chosen Direct Debit date. Directly after joining Trafford Leisure on a membership package, you will receive an email providing you with the full details of your membership, the price and terms in which you have agreed to be bound from our third party company DFC.


  1. Pre-opening Membership

The pre-opening move Well membership is a membership sold during the period of time memberships are available before move Urmston opens, memberships sold during this period will enable you, friends and family to take advantage of the pre-opening membership offers.


move Urmston offers various different types of membership to people aged 16 or over and can be tailored for groups/families from aged 5 years and over. If you have children aged under 4 years, you can bring them along for a swim as part of your membership.  To access this benefit you will need to speak to a member of the team at move Urmston to register your child’s details and to ensure you are familiar with the swimming pool rules.

The move Well membership you have chosen will be confirmed in an email to you on the 25th March from the team at move Urmston. This will also include details to book a group orientation to start your membership on the 1st April 2020.

Facilities across all sites will not be able to be used until your membership starts on the 1st April 2020.

Full details of the move Well membership can also be found on the website

Your move Well membership is personal to you (and your group/family) and is non-transferable. You must not lend your keyfob to another person. If another person uses your keyfob, the agreement will be withdrawn and a penalty charge may be levied.


3  a.  Payment

Please read the payment terms and conditions carefully. Your purchase is non-refundable after the cooling off period, which is 14 days from the date you accept this agreement. From time to time we may change our monthly membership fees by any amount we think is reasonable. We will do our best to only change the fee once a calendar year. However, we cannot guarantee this. We will tell you about any change that will apply to you, and will give you at least one full calendar months’ notice before the changes come into effect, in line with the Direct Debit Guarantee. Our direct debit memberships are managed by Debit Finance collections PLC (“DFC”). DFC can be contacted on these details: Debit Finance Collections PLC, 16 Davey Avenue, Knowlhill, Milton Keynes, MK5 8PL. Tel: 01908 422 007 Email:

  1. Month to Month Payment

In choosing this payment option you are committing to pay a monthly amount by Direct Debit that can be cancelled at any time after the first two Direct Debit payments have been taken. Your first Direct Debit will be taken 1st April 2020. Your pre-opening move well membership will start on the 1st April 2020.

  1. Fixed Payment

In choosing this payment option you are committing to pay a monthly amount by Direct Debit for a minimum of 12 Direct Debits and in return you receive a discounted rate. You will not be able to cancel this membership except for the reasons set up in section 5 of these terms and conditions. Your first Direct Debit will be taken 1st April 2020.



  1. Changes to your Membership or Payment

When we make changes to your membership or payment that may affect you, we will give you plenty of notice. If you are not happy with the changes, you can cancel as explained in section 5 of these terms and conditions. We may make reasonable changes to these terms and conditions if the changes are to the benefit of most of our members at move Urmston. At times move Urmston recognises that you may wish to suspend your membership. You can suspend due to medical illness, pregnancy, redundancy or moving out of the area (10 miles away from move Urmston. In the first instance the Lead Member will need to contact a member of staff at move Urmston or email We will require you to provide evidence to support the suspension and if appropriate we will liaise with you to see if alternative physical activity within move Urmston maybe more appropriate. If alternative physical activity is not suitable your membership can be suspended for up to six months and there is a small administration fee of £5 per month by Direct Debit.


  1. Cancelling your membership

   The cooling-off period

  1. a. The Lead Member can choose to cancel your membership within 14 days of joining.
  2. From your membership start date on the 1st April 2020, we will give you a further 14 days cooling off period if you feel move Urmston isn’t for you. If the Lead Member wishes to cancel the membership during the cooling off periods they can complete our Apply to cancel form online on our website and a member of our Customer Hub team will contact you as soon as possible.

  After the Cooling-off period

The Lead Member can choose to cancel your membership by providing one full calendar months’ notice via our online application form on our website once your minimum Direct Debit payments have been honoured. Once your cancellation application is received a member of our team will contact you. All final cancellations will be confirmed via email acknowledging the date that the membership will end and any final payment that may be due. Please do not cancel the Direct Debit, until the cancellation correspondence is received.

Additional members on a tailored membership who wishes to continue can speak to staff at site regarding setting up their own individual or new tailored membership.


  1. Missing payments

Please note that if you miss two payments, you will be deemed to have breached your contract.


  1. Collecting your monthly subscriptions

Trafford Leisure work in partnership with DFC, who collect our Direct Debits on our behalf. If you fail to make your payments on time, you will incur the following administration charges: Any late payment charges become payable immediately when they are incurred.

  1. Failure to pay your membership fees on the due date £15.00.
  2. Failure to pay your membership fees within 7 days of the date of a reminder correspondence £30.00.
  3. Failure to pay the arrears and accrued charges within 7 days of the date of a Final Notice £45.00.
  4. When we can’t provide a service or facility

There may be a time when we struggle to provide a service or facility for you beyond our reasonable control at your centre. If this happens and we cannot provide a service or facility at your centre or an alternative centre within a four mile radius within one calendar month, you (or we) can cancel our agreement immediately after giving notice in writing.


  1. Data Protection

Trafford Leisure fully endorses and adheres to the principles of Data Protection and GDPR. Full details of our privacy policy are on our move Urmston website


  1. Personal Contact Details

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure your personal contact details are kept up to date. This can be updated by contacting the team at move Urmston on 0161 749 2570 or email


  1. Enjoying your membership

The additional information for you to enjoy your membership fully can be found You will be issued with a keyfob as part of your membership to gain access to your membership at George H Carnell and move Urmston pool. Please keep this safe and ensure you use the keyfob to gain access to our facilities on every visit. In the event you lose your keyfob, a replacement one can be purchased at site at a cost of £4.00.

You will be required to have a photo taken on your first visit, and this will be linked to the keyfob for access to move Urmston.


  1. Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing is important to us, and move Urmston recognises and promotes the positive impact physical activity can have on your health and wellbeing. You are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition. In joining move Urmston you are accepting to adhere to our “Health Commitment Statement” (which can be viewed on our website during the period of your membership.


  1. Contact details

move Urmston: Bowfell Road Urmston M41 5RR




Thank you for choosing to join the move Urmston family, and we hope that you enjoy the full use of your membership to enable you to move more everyday.


Issued 20th February 2020 at 12noon