move App & Mywellness

move App & Mywellness

Why download the move app?

Everything you need is on the app. You can book classes, activities and check out swimming timetables.

PLUS access your exercise and lifestyle data thorugh Mywellness which is in your move app.

Mywellness - what is this?

Mywellness is the Connected Wellness Experience that helps you achieve your fitness & health goals in a fast, easy and fun way.

You can access Mywellness in your move app.

Watch a short video below to find out more

Mywellness assessment: TANITA

The TANITA provides a highly accurate, segmental body composition reading in just 20 seconds.

This will be in the gym for any move member to access.

Watch a short video below on how to use and access TANITA at move Urmston.