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Swimming Lessons

The Swim Well programme caters from 4 months to adults providing a complete pathway catering for the complete non-swimmer right through to competitive club swimmers.

Swimming Lessons with move Urmston

We offer a wide range of swimming lessons for all ages and abilities.

We are supported by Swim England and all our swimming teachers have a recognised Swim England qualification.

The swim school pathway has been developed to ensure your child receives the best possible instruction, based on the expertise of Swim England 

Swim Well’s Lesson and Development programme is made up of 3 areas:

Incorporated into our swimming lessons is our successful and popular learn to swim programme.

No matter what your age or ability – Swim Well is the programme for you!

Discovery Ducklings and Ducklings

Discovery Ducklings caters for parents with babies from aged 4 months to 2 years. For children aged 2 to 3 years, the next stage is designed to encourage children to learn to swim through play with a purpose.

Discovery Ducklings is available at Altrincham and Sale.

Duckling classes are for pre school children aged 3 – 4 years, this covers more of the pre school syllabus encouraging independence to get the children ready for our Swim England Framework.

Duckling classes are available at all sites.

Learn to Swim

From 4 years onwards, children can join our main swim programme to work through stages 1 – 7 (Descriptions below).

Lessons are available at our pool, please us for more information.

Swim Well Main Lesson Programme

This is our main lesson programme working through stages 1 – 7 of the Swim England lesson frame work.

Ducklings (Age 3 -4 years) – White Hats

Brief Overview
Structured lessons for pre-school children focusing on developing water confidence. The emphasis is on development of basic motor skills, introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.

Stage 1 (Age 4 + years) – Red Hat

Brief Overview
Developing basic safety awareness, be able to gain movement forward, backwards, sideways and to develop basic swimming skills.

Stage 2 – Orange Hat

Brief Overview
Using skills to develop floatation, rotation, submersion progression in basic stroke skills including front crawl, back crawl and a simultaneous kick and arm action.

Stage 3 – Yellow Hats

Brief Overview
Developing water safety knowledge and developing recognisable strokes, increasing skills and confidence in deep water

Stage 4 – Green Hats

Brief Overview
Refining strokes to Swim England expected standards developing kick, breathing and increasing distances.

Stage 5 – Light Blue Hats

Brief Overview
Increasing Stroke technique. Developing skills such as treading water, sculling and rotation.

Stage 6 – Blue Hats

Brief Overview
Working on stamina and strength preparation for exercise and water safety.

Stage 7 – Purple Hats

Brief Overview
Ensuring quality stroke technique with speed and stamina and refining skills.

So now you’re able to swim, you may well ask what’s next?

The develop well programme offers a variety of water based activities to further your aquatic skills, which include learning to dive, essential lifesaving skills, the team game of water polo, synchronised swimming and competitive swimming.

Swim Well – Stages 8 – 10

Brief Overveiw
Develop your skills further choosing from various different aquatic disciplines or the potential to join one of the Boroughs swimming clubs.

Swim Well Programme Options

Choose one of the options from below:

Synchronised Swimming
Synchronised Swimming is designed to encourage children - boys and girls to learn the basic synchro moves whilst having fun and building confidence in the water.

We currently run Synchronised Swimming at Sale Leisure Centre, for more information contact Sale here.

Learn how to save a life and stay safe in and around water. The Rookie Lifeguard programme is developed by the Royal Life Saving Society UK the leading provider for water safety education.

Avaliable at our leisure centres, contact us for more information

Water Polo
A great way for children to become involved in the team game of water polo. Build on your newly acquired water skills developing the basics of the game, how to throw, catch and move with the ball in the water. Great fun!

To play water polo you need to be very fit, strong and fast at swimming; even when not involved in play, as you can’t touch the sides or floor of the pool and must tread water. But there are enough players in a squad for every player to have a substitute to take over for them whenever they want, as often as they need. For more information on joining a water polo team please email Stretford Sports Village Swim Well Manager or visit www.stretfordasc.org.uk for more information.

We have a wide selection of adult lessons for every ability, whether you are a complete beginner or would like to improve your stroke, we have lessons ranging from:

  • Beginners Sessions
  • Improvers Sessions
  • Advanced Sessions

We also have fitness sessions in the pool from HIIT to Aqua Aerobics.  For more details on our adult lessons or our fitness sessions please contact us using the enquiry form.

An all-inclusive programme

Our lessons and development take a non swimmer from their first splash to developing confidence and skill in the water. 

Trafford Leisure Community Interest Company in partnership with our local swimming clubs are committed to providing the very best in teaching, coaching and development of swimmers. 

Join and register your child on the Swim Well Programme and let them start their swimmer pathway.

Regardless of age or ability, the journey through aquatics will be exciting, fun and will result in the development of a wide range of life skills.

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