About move •

About move

Urmston Leisure Centre has changed its name to move; growing and innovating with you and for you. From mid-March move Urmston will be open! Together we become stronger. ‘Together we move’ and that’s why our new website domain for our new move brand is twmove.co.uk

move is providing our community with a welcoming and non-intimating safe place; a space to be accepted and to become the best version of yourself.

People come in all shapes and sizes and so do our activities; from walking and a talking, swishing and a swaying, jumping and a jiving – every move counts. We are with you every step of the way. We are your lifeline that will last a lifetime. From baby’s first swimming lesson to the final whistle at the Octogenarian five-a-sides, we have something for everyone, everyday.  We are moving with you.

move Urmston is filled with real people; people just like you. Our movement creates energy and is a hub of activity.  Whoever you are, you are the right fit. We will work with you and for you, to connect our community to physical activity and movement, becoming healthier and happier together throughout every stage of life.  move will create exciting and unique experiences for both you, as our customers, and our staff. We will deliver results and rewards to our move family (see our 6 reasons for choosing move below).

Starting on the path to a healthier lifestyle can be a daunting prospect but our team of move experts are interested in you. We understand that not all fitness goals are the same. We will listen to what success means to you.

A healthy lifestyle is the foundation to a happy life, with each workout another brick in that foundation. We are here to make sure our customers have the means to build the strongest foundation possible. Not through shortcuts and false promises, but with the support, care and attention of our professional staff.  We’re rooting for you, we are your cheerleaders. Together we move.

We genuinely care about the health of all our community. Join us in our movement/our purpose to help our community to move more everyday and our vision to make Trafford the most active place in England.

Our Vision:

To make Trafford the most active place in England

Our Purpose:

Move more everyday

Our Strapline:

Together we move

6 Reasons to choose move Urmston

We don't define the make-up of your family

We don’t define the make-up of your family, whatever your age, relation or if you define your family as a group of friends – you decide who your family is and we provide the experience.


We guarantee positive results during your first 12 weeks with us.


You can trust us to do what is right for you and your community.


We can’t achieve your goals for you, but we will match your commitment to your goals and help inspire, motivate and cheer you along every step of the way.


move Urmston offers a non-intimidating, fun space to enjoy activities


We take our role in the community seriously; from the environment to those who need our support the most to become active. By choosing move Urmston, these are just some of the things you support us to do:

  • We help fund all Year 3 primary school children in Trafford to learn to swim.
  • In partnership with Manchester United, we help fund swimming for our children who have very complex disabilities.
  • We provide our children who live in care with a free activity package, so they can enjoy spending time being active and happy.
  • We will reward everyone who reaches the retirement age of 65 with a complimentary three-month Move Well membership, to help transition into a new active lifestyle.
  • We provide all our returning Armed Forces service personnel with a free, one-year Move Well membership.
  • Active Trafford concessionary and referral schemes support those most in need in our local community to become active.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint year on year by 1%.
  • We care about our green spaces and this year we will plant 50 new trees in your local community.

Tailor your membership by adding your friends and family. Any adult or junior who is added to your membership will also receive the pre-opening offer. Plus every adult added to your membership will benefit from a further 10% discount on your membership. Join now below.